It was one of those grimy dull days on a hot summer where men and mud are burnt alike. Mercury was hopping hard to cross boundaries. Standing in the middle of the road, all he could see was dusty roads stretching into thick forest. Buzzing flies, chirping parrots create a melody in the midst of ant bites.The wait awaits longer than usual. Boy is still abreast. Unless there's a city fair, this most happening place on earth never had more than a dozen people waiting for the bus. He glances people around to kill boredom. Shade of the trees is the only respite.

Kalki is a self taught person. He misses classes intentionally and is truly a last bench student - names Henry Ford as an excuse. However he had never missed one class. His favourite subject. You will never know the importance of a lady lecturer unless you come from 'all boys' school. He knows it and appreciates it with his holy presence.! 

As the scheduled time approaches, crowd gathers steam and sweat engulfs. A mother-daughter duo seemingly new to place approach the bus stop. Even the ugliest thing excites a teenager once hormones start kicking your butt. Kalki clears sweat and turns upbeat. Musters courage and gazes the duo with admiration. There is sparkle in her eyes. He felt – God must've been showing off when they created her. Mood is interrupted with sudden onslaught of rain. You are worthy of your wildest dreams. 

भगवान के घर मे देर है अंधेर नहीAs distance diminishes, hundreds of profile pictures ran through his mind. None matched. She was standing under the shade of her mother. He perceived a mix of emotions thrusting his veins. All true but not so true. Not all of them were unheard of. His heart raced and pumped more blood than it could have in any of the viva exams before.

To be continued..